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Oculus Rift’s Nate Mitchell backstage at Expand (video)

DNP Oculus Rift's Nate Mitchell backstage at Expand video

Nate Mitchell, Vice President of Product for Oculus Rift, was in the spotlight here at Expand discussing gaming hardware, such as the firm’s VR headset, and what it means for the future with folks from NVIDIA and Razer. Mitchell found his way backstage and we asked him about the largest challenges the headset is facing, how Oculus Rift is supporting developers and creating standards for VR games and when an immersive holodeck experience might finally arrive. Take a leap past the break to catch the full interview footage.

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Razer’s John Wilson backstage at Expand (video)

DNP Razer's Josh Wilson backstage at Expand video

If you’ve laid hands (or just eyes) on Razer’s Blade, Edge, Switchblade or Hydra, then you’re familiar with John Wilson’s work. As VP of the firm’s Systems Product Group, Wilson has headed up the design of a bevy of gaming products. He talked shop on stage here at Expand, and then spoke with us backstage about Rahul Sood’s new role as an advisor at the firm, why Razer decided to whip up a tablet instead of a console and just how hard it was cramming a discrete GPU into a slate. Venture past the jump for the video interview.

Follow all of Engadget’s Expand coverage live from San Francisco right here!

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