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Canon’s unannounced $800 18MP EOS-b DSLR pops up on Best Buy’s website for pre-order

Canon's $800 18MP EOSb pops up on Best Buy's website for preorder, potentially a shrunken T4i

It looks as though Canon will have a new DSLR to announce very shortly, if a listing on Best Buy’s website is any indicator. The page offers us no images to ogle, but it betrays an unannounced 18-megapixel shooter dubbed the EOS-b, accompanied by an 18-55m lens kit and an $800 price tag. Canon Rumors notes a smaller footprint, trimming five ounces of fat and bulk off the T4i’s measurements. The camera specs are identical to the T4i and EOS M, too, but an optical viewfinder and pop-up flash make us wonder if it isn’t a pint-sized follow up to the T4i. You can look forward to a Digic 5 image processor, nine-point autofocus system, 3-inch 1.04K dot TFT-LCD touchscreen, four frames-per-second burst shooting, an ISO range from 100 to 12,800 with a high setting of 25,600 and HD video capture. There’s no word on when this APS-C shooter will officially be announced, but you can try your luck at placing a pre-order by clicking the Best Buy source link.

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Canon sensor records video in very low light, sees movie stars of a different sort

Canon sensor records video in very low light, captures movie stars of a different sort video

Although there’s undoubtedly been improvements to low light videography, it’s still difficult or impossible for most cameras to record in near-total darkness. Canon has the solution with a video-only, 35mm CMOS sensor that can keep recording even when there’s virtually no visible light at all. The prototype’s pixels are about 7.5 times larger than in already light-sensitive DSLRs like the EOS-1D X, letting it get focus with as little as 0.03lux of illumination. The result is more than just the perfect camera for a horror movie — the sensor can capture the Geminid meteor shower and other astronomical phenomena without special tricks. Canon hasn’t said when it might ship a video camera toting the new imaging technology, but it’s planning to show the sensor at a security expo this week; we may well see the sensor in the field, even if most of its work happens beyond the public eye.

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